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Where to Get Yoga Teacher Certification

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Where to Get Yoga Teacher Certification

To earn yoga teacher certification and receive an RYT (registered yoga teacher), you should look for a training program that is certified by the Yoga Alliance.  The Alliance has set minimum standards for RYSs or registered yoga schools.
If you attend and graduate from a school that is registered, your certifications will be respected by other instructors.  An online yoga certification might not receive the same kind of respect. 
Things are changing in distance learning.  At some point in the future an online yoga certification will probably be just as good as one received in a traditional classroom.  The biggest problem right now with online testing is that the teacher cannot “see” the student. 
Evaluating your form is one of the most important things that your instructor will do. 
That being said, it is possible to open your own studio with an online yoga certification.  Others have done it successfully.  If that is your goal, you should have been practicing for several years.  The movements should be easy and natural. 
The purpose of a yoga teacher certification is to learn how to teach others to do what you already know how to do.  Programs vary from 200-500 hours.  You might think of it as “intensive training”. 
You will learn how to evaluate a student’s level of physical fitness.  In many cases, classes and movements must be modified for specific individuals.  Anyone can benefit from the practice, but not everyone can do a handstand in the middle of the room.   
Since it is becoming an increasingly popular alternative therapy for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and stress, you can expect people with those problems to visit your studio.  How well your yoga teacher certification classes prepared you for training people with special needs determines how successful you will be as an instructor.  You obviously want your clients to be happy.  Otherwise, they won’t keep coming back or refer their friends.
How much can you expect to earn once you have your online yoga certification?  Instructors don’t usually get rich, although there are some very popular and profitable studios and yoga fitness centers around the country.  If you have the drive and motivation, as well as a love for the art, your earning potential is unlimited.
  The more students you are able to attract, the more money you will make.  Operating a yoga fitness centres and yoga studios are a business, just like any other.  We take risks whenever we go into business, but we could be greatly rewarded.  You will need to undertake further research and to identify whether yoga teacher certification is right for you.

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