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What Mats Are Good For Yoga?

What Mats Are Good For Yoga?

You should have no trouble finding a large variety of yoga mats to choose from. You will be able to choose between some that are made from natural materials and others that are synthetic, and you can select the color and size that you like most. But, how do you determine which one is right for you?

Is natural or synthetic better?

Two types of yoga mats are made using natural fibers. One type is made from cotton, a natural fiber. These type of mats work especially well if you are in a power yoga class such as ashtanga yoga, in which you will need to move rapidly from one pose to another. Since you will probably be sweating a lot, natural materials will feel much more comfortable. If you plan to place your mat on a hardwood floor, make sure the underside of it is a non-slip one.

You can also buy mats made out of rubber. Rubber is of course a natural material. They usually have a good grip on the floor, but they can get slippery if your hands and feet are sweaty.

Sticky yoga mats are probably the most popular mats used by people that practice yoga. These mats are specifically designed to have good grip on the floor while providing good cushioning and grip for hands and feet during exercises. These mats give you the benefit of added security during stretching and balancing poses. They are also lightweight and easy to roll and carry.

It is usually best to select a mat that is at least a bit longer than your height, so that you can comfortably stretch out on it. 6 ft mats are usually long enough for women, but men might need to look for even longer ones.

You should choose the width depending on the use you will make of it, and depending on the type of poses you need it for. Roughly, the mat should be about 1.5 times the width of your shoulders to be used in most poses. Keep in mind that a wider mat will make a longer roll and may be more awkward to carry.

If your type of yoga uses a lot of breathing and relaxing exercises, you might be better off with a thicker mat for added comfort.

Should you pick a specific color?
Though color might not seem too important, it actually is. Your yoga mat should be a color that you like, that helps you feel calm and relaxed when you are practicing. Avoid very bright colors. Blue and green are usually the top favorites when it comes to choosing the color of a yoga mat. Also, choosing a mat that harmonizes with the color of the room is always a good idea. Any clash of colors will affect your mood.

some yoga mats come painted with a grid pattern. This can help you check that your feet and hands are correctly positioned in the yoga poses.

Caring for your yoga mat

A yoga mat should be easy to clean and care for. Remember that your mat is used on the floor and often in public spaces, so for hygiene you should wash it regularly. You can wash most mats in a washing machine, but they should not go through a spin cycle or even tumble dry. Make sure to wipe clean the other ones with an antiseptic household cleaner. After being clean, the mat should be allowed to dry completely. You should never store mats that are not entirely dry.

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