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How to survive Christmas without gaining weight

How to survive Christmas without gaining weight

Christmas is around the corner and you know how easy it is to gain weight between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. It is so easy to gain, but not very easy to lose those extra pounds.You do not have to put on those 2 pounds during this time and you do not have to deprive yourself of your favorite treats either. Just be smart about it with these simple tips and tricks and you will be set.

Eat Smart Before You Go To The Party

Eat before you go to parties or events with lots of snacks or sweets, even if it is something like holiday cookie decorating. Never go to an event famished. Smart snacks before hand include fresh fruit and yogurt, cheese and crackers or Chicken Soup to protect against cold holiday weather! This will help control eating and loading up a plate with sugary or fatty snacks.

I actually like to drink a protein shake about an hour before the event. It reduces hunger cravings by suppressing the hunger signals that come from my stomach and my brain. I prefer shakes that have slightly more proteins than carbs.

Look at All the Food At The Party First

Upon arrival at a party have a glass of water and quickly take a look at all the options, such as buffet tables, hor d’oeuvre plates and snacks. Fill up a plate with healthier choices first so by the time the plate is empty, hunger pains have gone away. Avoid bowls of mixed nuts, chips and dip or Chex mix.

Exercise A Just Little More

Increase the usual exercise routine in order to burn off extra calories from the excess of holiday eating and treats. Do this by waking up a little earlier, or increasing the exercise routine by one or two more sessions per week.

Limit Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can be a big problem. Not only do alcoholic beverages have an obscene amount of calories and/or sugar, but after a couple it can cause one to not care what they eat! With mixed drinks, use club soda, tonic or low-calorie diet sodas. Choose light beer and remember that five ounces of wine is a serving (white is a better option then red).

Talk To Someone Who Knows This Stuff

If you feel that you would like to talk to a certified Fitness Trainer simply join our FREE Community and we will set up a 30 min. complimentary phone call for you. We know that each person has differnet needs and so we want to make our advice as personal as possible.

Make this Christmas a fun time filled with family, friends and good food. Don’t stress about limiting your food options, just be smart about it. It is that simple. Check out our FREE Community where you can learn even more about staying fit and other topics related to weight loss.

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