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Fight Stress With Three Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercises

Fight Stress With Three Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercises

If you are stressed from juggling the combined responsibilities of home and work, perhaps it is about time that you learn Kundalini Yoga. You can do these breathing exercises practically anywhere and anytime, taking only a few minutes of your time.

The breathing techniques from Kundalini Yoga are very effective in fighting stress and purifying the blood. As you do the breathing exercises, you are also detoxifying your body in the process – you can feel the heat from the energy that your body gives off every time you exhale.

Although they sound very simple, these breathing exercises require proper instructions and execution to gain from it. A certain way should be followed and it takes time to execute them well. These breathing exercises are used in many Eastern countries to treat depression and other heart conditions.

Three Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercises

Long Deep Breathing
A lot of people forget to breathe properly. Instead of taking long and deep breaths, people often take short and shallow breaths. Taking long and deep breaths help people be more energized to last through the day. Long and deep breathing is included in the breathing exercises of Kundalini Yoga. This breathing exercise aims to fill the lungs through the chest area. This helps energize all the nerve endings and the entire body as a whole.

Breath of Fire
This exercise focuses on pushing the air out, opposite to taking long deep breaths. By taking breaths of fire, you are pushing the air out of your body. When you do this, you should be able to hear your breath making a “whoosh” sound. This breathing exercise helps your glands to secret, which helps purify the blood.

Breathing Through One Nostril at a Time
Like the name implies, this breathing exercise is done by breathing through one nostril only. This will help you gain better concentration and let you energize your body more. In order to be more effective, it is recommended that you focus on the silence and the stillness while holding your breath, then release the air slowly. This breathing exercise will help clear your mind and give you better concentration and focus. Breathing alternately through one nostril will give you a clear mind and better concentration and focus.

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